Commissions are OPEN

Ask about available commission slots. Fill out my contact form if you agree to the terms below!

Terms of service

• Payments must be made in FULL before the commission is started. No exceptions. Please be sure to have all required funds for your commission or I will decline. 

• If you have a dead line that needs to be met, contact me beforehand to confirm that I can meet it.

Refunds will not be given once work is delivered to your email. Feel free to ask for revisions if you are not satisfied with the work given to you.

Free revisions are unlimited until submitted, complete reworks of the commission will cost the amount of the original work.

Commissions are for personal use only unless otherwise stated.  Therefore, you cannot use personal chibis or emotes for merchandise or resale. You may pay to have complete rights of the design for commercial use and resale. Info on design release below. 

If you redistribute the commissioned works without paying the release fees, I reserve the right to decline future commissions. 

Do not redistribute my work on any site without my permission and without crediting me. This means no saving my completed works and posting them to social media even if you photoshop it.

I reserve the right to decline or request removal of any commission that I see fit or not in compliance with my terms.

Credit is not mandatory but immensely appreciated. It helps me get more business!  

By commissioning me, you agree to all terms of service. 

Rush Orders and Fees

My current turn around time is 5-10 days. 

Rushing your order will allow you to skip the 5-10 day wait time and you will receive your work within 1-5 days.

If you wish to receive your order earlier than the expected turn around, you will pay an extra 30% of your total order. [ Ex: 2 emotes = $40 + 30%= $52 Total]

Rush priority is only available if I can meet it, so please confirm with me if I can rush your commission.

Licensing and Redistribution

If you'd like to use your commissioned work for merchandise/ resale (T-shirts, mugs, stickers...) you must pay for licensing. This will give you full rights to your design with no obligation to pay me commission fees on each sale.

Credit MUST ALWAYS be issued when posting the design anywhere online.

 • **ONE TIME fees are as follows:

-Emote redistribution: $20 per emote.

-Panel Art rdistribution: $25 per design.

-Chibi redistribution: $25 per chibi.

**Redistribution prices DO NOT include the original prices for commissioning a product.**